Our Menu

Our speciality is great steaks with an eclectic range of Italian cuisine with favourites such as antipasto and crostini platters and devine Italian stone-based pizza's.  And... we're always tantalising you with our ever changing specials menu.  There is always room for more with these scrumptious desserts, including sticky date pudding, tiramisu, citrus tart and flourless chocolate torte!

Vegetarian and Gluten Free options are also available.  Our menu is always available for take-away orders.

The amazing gas heating makes for a cosy dining experience in Winter and our al fresco dining is perfect for the warm the Summer months!

Starters & ENTREES

Garlic or Herb $3.95
Cheese Bread $4.95
Cheese and Bacon Bread $5.95

Bruschetta (VG) - Crusty Italian ciabatta bread topped with fresh tomatoes and basil finished with a drizzle of garlic infused olive oil $8.40

Aglio e mozzarella (VG) - Garlic pizza with mozzarella cheese $14.50

Crostini for 2 (VG) - Crispy baked ciabatta bread accompanied with 4 dips of olive tapenade, roasted red peppers, roasted eggplant & chives, garlic creamy avocado and a side of balsamic and virgin olive oil $16.50

Traditional Italian Antipasto plate - An Italian plate selection of marinated olives, artichokes, roasted capsicum, crispy prosciutto, salamis, cheese, roasted eggplant and crusty Italian ciabatta bread, accompanied with balsamic and extra virgin oil $29.50

Calamari Fritti (GF) - Lightly seasoned fresh squid fried until golden and served with a garlic lemon dipping sauce $14.90

Arancini al Pomodoro - Lightly crumbed risotto balls filled with melted mozzarella fried until golden and served with an Italian tomato salsa and wedge of lemon $14.90

Gamberetti Fritti alla Diavola (GF) - Chilli infused battered king prawns served with a zesty lemon dipping sauce on a bed of wild rocket $17.50

Garlic King Prawns - King prawns sautéed with garlic & shallots, finished with a white wine cream reduction and served with ciabatta bread $17.50

Mozzarella In Carrozza - Italian savoury pastry filled with smoky prosciuttio ham & mozzarella cheese fried until golden and crisp then served with a light garlic infused dipping sauce $16.00


Caesar Salad - Cos lettuce, crispy bacon, shaved parmesan, egg, croutons, and anchovies, tossed with a Caesar dressing $14.50,  (with chicken) $17.50

Greek Salad (GF) (VG) - Cos lettuce, cucumber, Spanish onions, capsicum, Kalamata olives fetta cheese, tossed with fresh lemon and oregano dressing $14.50

Maiale alla Pantano (GF) - Crispy slow roasted pork belly served on a bed of sauteed mushrooms, shallots, garlic and roast potatoes.  Drizzled with a caramelized balsamic glaze and topped with a hearty chunk of pork crackle $28.50

Melanzana Parmigiana (GF) (VG) - Grilled eggplant topped with a rich Neapolitana sauce, and a mixture of parmesan & mozzarella cheese $23.00

Battered/Crumbed/Grilled Fish & Chips - Cooked to your liking Barramundi fillet served with a fresh garden salad, chips and tartar $17.50

Pesce e Salsa Verde (GF) - Grilled wild caught barramundi fillet served with a fresh Italian salsa verde (parsley, basil, capers, lemon zest, garlic and olive oil) on a bed of slow roasted garlic potatoes $28.00

Grilled Chicken Breast (GF) - Grilled chicken breast served with your choice of sauce, fresh seasonal vegetables or salad and roast potatoes or chips $20.50
Or choose your own topping...
Topping 1 : Chicken breast topped with bacon, avocado, sweet chilli sauce and sour cream $8.50
Topping 2 : A selection of fresh sauteed seafood and a creamy garlic sauce $9.50
Topping 3 : Just sauteed prawns and a garlic cream sauce $9.50

Certified Angus Beef Burger - Certified Angus beef patty with caramelised onion, homemade tomato relish, beetroot and tomato on mixed lettuce and served with crispy chips $15.50

Chicken Burger - Pan fried chicken breast with fresh salad, onion, mayonnaise and chips $14.50

Chicken Parmigiana - Crumbed breast fillet topped with a rich Neapolitan sauce finished with golden grilled mozzarella and chips $26.50

Chicken Schnitzel - Crumbed breast of chicken served on chips with your choice of sauce and toppings $24.50

Vienna Schnitzel - Angus beef crumbed with a mixture of herbs and parmesan served on chips with your choice of sauce and toppings $22.00

Gravy, Mushroom, Dianne, Pepper, Garlic Cream, Hollandaise, Béarnaise or mustard

Sautéed mushrooms, sautéed onions $2.00, crispy fried bacon, fresh avocado $4.00, sautéed garlic prawns $12.00

(all mains are served with fresh seasonal vegetables or salad, roast potatoes or chips)


Pantano’s Angus Bar and Grill only uses Certified Australian Angus Beef which has been grain fed for a minimum of 120 days and aged for a minimum of 60 days. This guarantees consistent quality on your plate every time. All steaks are cooked to your liking with your choice of sauce, fresh seasonal vegetables or salad and roast potatoes or chips.

Certified Australian Angus Porterhouse 300gm - Succulent and tender a leaner cut of steak $29.50

Certified Australian Angus Scotch Fillet 300gm - Highly marbled making it a juicy steak with lots of flavour $31.50

Certified Australian Angus Eye Fillet 250gm - The most tender cut of all $39.50

Certified Australian Angus Rump 500gm - Rump a more robust flavour & a firmer texture $33.50

Certified Australian Angus Petite Rump 200gm - A smaller version of our rump for those wanting a lighter option $22.95

Mare e Carne (Reef & Beef) 300gm - Certified Angus scotch fillet topped with a selection of fresh sautéed seafood, accompanied with a creamy garlic sauce $40.50 
or... just sauteed prawns and a creamy garlic sauce $40.50

Gravy, Mushroom, Dianne, Pepper, Garlic Cream, Hollandaise, Béarnaise or mustard

Extras you may add
Sautéed mushrooms, sautéed onions $2.00, crispy fried bacon, fresh avocado $4.00, sautéed garlic prawns $12.00


Certified Angus Ribs
A 120 Day Grain fed Certified Angus Rib marinated in a mild glaze of secret stuff, served with chips, salad or vegetables $22.95
For an extra rib $9.00
King Of The Mountain” 5 Ribs! $49.95

Sticky Baby Back BBQ Pork Ribs (GF) - A full rack of Baby Back Pork Ribs marinated in our Pantano’s special sauce, char grilled and served with a fresh garden salad and chips $35.95

Angus Rump and Rib Combo - 200gm Certified Angus Rump with a half rack of sticky baby back pork ribs marinated in our Pantano's special sauce, chargrilled and served with fresh garden salad and chips $42.95


 Choice of Spaghetti, Fettuccini, Penne pasta & Gluten free pasta, all with fresh parmesan cheese

Alla Puttanesca (GF) (VG) - Fresh tomatoes, shallots, capers, olives and garlic lightly fried with olive oil, finished with a hint of chilli and shaved parmesan cheese $20.95

Boscaiola (GF) - Fresh mushrooms with smoky bacon and shallots lightly fried then deglazed with white wine and finished with a cream reduction main $20.95

Gamberetto al Pollo (GF) - King prawns with chicken lightly tossed with fried garlic then finished with a cream sauce entree $24.95

Bolognese (GF) - An Italian traditional sauce consisting of veal mince, fresh herbs, tomatoes and red wine $20.95

Pantano’s (GF) - Sauteed shallots, garlic, and chicken with avocado in a creamy white wine sauce $20.95

Pollo al Funghi (GF) - Sautéed chicken and mushroom tossed with Neapolitana sauce then finished with a cream reduction $20.95

Marinara (GF) - King prawns, mussels and squid cooked in a garlic tomato sauce (also available in a cream based sauce) $24.95

Gourmet Pizza’s

Cooked to perfection in a Traditional Italian Stone Oven

Aglio e mozzarella (VG) - Garlic pizza with mozzarella cheese $14.50

Margherita (VG) - Rich Neapolitan sauce, fresh basil and mozzarella cheese drizzled with olive oil $17.50

Vegetarian (VG) - Tomato, onion, capsicum, roasted eggplant, roasted tomatoes, olives, artichoke, oregano, mozzarella cheese $20.50

Pollo Funghi - Red onion, capsicum, chicken, mushrooms, garlic, oregano finished with fresh basil and mozzarella cheese $20.50

Italia - Prosciutto, olives, capsicum, artichoke, semi dried tomatoes,pepperoni, oregano and parmesan cheese $20.50

Angus Carne - Red onion, capsicum, prosciutto, salami, pepperoni, Certified Angus Beef, mozzarella cheese $21.50

Supreme - Tomatoes, onion, capsicum, mushrooms, olives, pepperoni, prosciutto, mozzarella cheese $21.50

Pantano’s - Fresh tomatoes, roasted egg plant, roasted capsicum, olives, prosciutto, salami and mozzarella cheese topped with baby rocket and virgin olive oil $21.50

Marinara - Fresh tomatoes, garlic, prawns, mussels, squid, octopus and fish finished with shallots and mozzarella cheese $29.50

Gluten free bases available


All fresh ingredients and made on the premises...  NO MORE PROCESSED STUFF!

Choose from one of these meals + a drink + a bowl of ice-cream with flavouring or fresh fruit bowl $11.95

Spaghetti Bolognese
Chicken Schnitzel
Cheesy Pizza
Fish Cocktails
Chicken Nuggets


Citrus torta e limone- Freshly made citrus cured lemon tart with a crunchy ginger nut base served with a side of fresh cream or ice cream $9.95

Torta di cioccolata (GF) - A semi sweet chocolate flourless tort served with a champagne summer berry compote. Served with ice-cream or cream $9.95

Tiramisu - A coffee infused Italian sponge finger, layered with marsala, mascarpone cheese & drizzled with a rich chocolate sauce. $9.95

Zabaglione - Italian home made custard infused with marsala and layered with macerated strawberries and amaretti biscuits finished with a berry compote $9.95

Sticky Date Pudding - Freshly made sticky date served with ice-cream & a hot caramel sauce. $9.95

(VG) Vegetarian, (GF) Gluten Free